Junior Prom Dresses 2020

Margo the magnificent strikes again! Today was "Western" day at the kids' school as all students had the option to dress as cowboys and cowgirls if they wanted. Well, my kids wanted to do it but we don't exactly have a countrified house so as of bedtime last night, it looked like they'd have to skip it. Well, that's when Margaret sprung into action, finding a fellow teacher who had all the regalia we'd need (thanks, Heather!). This morning, Mar took the big girls to school at 6:30, dressed them up (Ella couldn't find her jean shorts so Mar took some scissors and an old pair and made them) and did their hair--and this is the result! I picked them up to take them to school and they literally could not stop smiling. Thanks Margo for the parenting win! Junior Prom Dresses 2020