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This is perfect. I'm in the process of writing a couple of speeches for a class one being about Disney figures and how they've recently progressed at portraying more accurate bodies HOWEVER this video is important. Ursula became a figurine (along with other disney villains) and her weight was changed. She is a legendary character known for her big sassy sexy body but when a figurine changes that it's inappropriate and fallacious that is a fact. How do you slim down a characte Ucenter Dress crop top items to wear of the wedding ... r that was purposely built on the bigger side? You don't. You can't and you shouldn't. I think its important to share this especially since we are all shaped differently and that itself is beautiful no one is the same so why should a doll tell you other wise? Take a moment to watch this because the words I'm trying to express fail but her words are what we all need to hear.
Love yourself and your body don't let anything or anyone tell you how you should look you are perfect the way you are embrace it

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