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Yes, I post a lot about a "HOT TOPIC". Why? Because the world is WAKING UP and it needs to CONTINUE. I used to believe in vaccines, too, at one point. You can believe whatever you want, but when you can't back it up with anything but PHARMA SHILL ADVERTISING (which is what all the mainstream magazines and news stations are!), then you have nothing to prove to me.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I have spent nearly 1000 HOURS of my own time researching vaccines - BOTH SIDES. When you have not done a single full solid HOUR of your own research using OTHER sources besides government and Pharma funded ones, you really have nothing to go off of except HEAR-SAY that has been shoved down your throat your whole life. Thousands of doctors and scientists are AWAKE to the deception that we've been lead to believe, and are speaking out against it. BUT WHAT DO THEY KNOW, RIGHT? Holistic doctors are being killed off - OVER 70 IN THE LAST 3 YEARS! Oh it's all just coincidence, right!?

People's children are LITERALLY DYING and becoming DEBILITATED FOR LIFE from over-vaccination. Other things that are happening include, but are not limited to: recurrent ear infections leading to tubes in the ears; recurrent Strep; tonsils and adenoids requiring removal; seizure disorders; childhood cancer; and many more. But this is all "ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE" and really has nothing to do with vaccines, some say. Oh, never mind that SIDS is listed on vaccine manufacturer inserts, along with AUTISM, ENCEPHALITIS (brain swelling - which contributes to and can cause onset of autism in an otherwise perfectly healthy human), and a plethora of other terrible "side effects" and "adverse reactions". Ucenter Dress mormon items to wear of the prom situation

These same people won't even bother to open resources I provide when they ask for them. I can send them a hundred links and they won't click a single one - or they won't reply with their thoughts on ANY OF IT. Even better is when they rebuttal with articles in PARENTS magazine and CNN NEWS type sources! And you know what gets me even more? A lot of these people DON'T EVEN HAVE CHILDREN OF THEIR OWN.

If you want to learn more, please ask. But don't try to defend an entire Industrial Complex that is built off of making money from sick people from the beginning of life and moving forward. In case you weren't aware, VACCINATION DID NOT SAVE US and HEALTH DOES NOT COME IN A NEEDLE. HEALTHY & WELL PEOPLE DO NOT CREATE CUSTOMERS FOR THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY!!!!!

Oh and if you want to continue to post on your own Facebook page in spite of me, just to validate your very unknowledgeable opinion about vaccines, go for it. Doesn't bother me none - just spreads awareness to others when someone drops TRUTH BOMBS on your post.