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They're coming for you
Hon. Eugene Delgaudio

Today, 9:51 AM

To William,

"We're going to punish the wicked."

That's what an anti-Family billionaire said as he divulged his plan to destroy Religious Liberty for Christians.

This billionaire is the villain in the shadows pulling the strings on anti-Family legislation across America...

... And he is pro-Family Americans' most dangerous adversary.

His name is Tim Gill, and he is perhaps the Homosexual Lobby's wealthiest, most radical and most effective activist.

His billions were there to help the Homosexual Lobby destroy Real Marriage in the Supreme Court, and he played a key role in the defeat of Religious Freedom legislation in Indiana and Arkansas.

You see, Gill's wealth has created some of the most radical anti-Family organizations, like the Gill Foundation, Gill Action, OutGiving, and Georgia Prospers.

In fact, everywhere you see Christians and Traditional Values under attack, you can bet Gill's influence isn't far away.

But for Tim Gill, this is just the beginning.

Emboldened by the rising tide of homosexual "marriage" and the success his organizations have had, Gill announced to Rolling Stone his radical new plan to attack Religious Liberty.

That's why I'm issuing a "Red Alert" for Religious Liberty to every single Public Advocate supporter.

With your support, I'll be leading Public Advocate's fight against Gill and his radical cronies.

Luckily, Public Advocate doesn't need millions of dollars to make an impact in this fight.

But to be frank, that doesn't mean it will be cheap.

It will cost Public Advocate at least $25,000 to combat the first wave of Gill's assault on his most vulnerable pro-Family targets.

And it is vital for our program to be funded before our deadline on Tuesday, August 8th so we can hit the ground running.

Red Alert!

You see, Gill has even teamed up with several wealthy Republican donors, like hedge fund investors Paul Singer and Daniel Loeb.

Gill and his crony buddies homosexualist billionaires outspend us 1,000 to 1 routinely.

They have kicked in billions of dollars over the years through media, movies, direct contributions to dozens of national, state and local homosexual lobbies.

That's because Gill's not happy just trampling the remaining vestiges of Religious Liberty in liberal blue states.

No, Gill and his allies have their sights set on solid conservative red states that still stand for Traditional Values.

"We are going after the hardest states in the country," said Gill.

That's right. They're coming for you.

And he already began growing a massive war chest earlier this year at his annual OutGiving conference.

In a recent interview, Gill outlined his plans for the months ahead.

Gill SMEARED pro-Family Americans and announced his plans to "punish the wicked."

Every state that does not grant special rights for homosexuals are all in Gill's crosshairs.

Soon, pro-Family states that have strong protections for Religious Liberty will be targeted by Gill's efforts to repeal and replace them with laws creating special rights for homosexuals.

You see, in the minds of the Homosexual Lobby, there's nothing wrong with men dressing in drag and using the girls' bathrooms.

And there's nothing wrong with ignoring God's definition of Real Marriage.

In short, if you will not comply with the Homosexual Lobby's radical Agenda, be it as a minister or as a businessperson, you will be punished.

That's Gill's goal!

William, I've never been more alarmed than when I learned of the scale and scope of Gill's planned onslaught.

That's why it's vital Public Advocate hit our $25,000 goal before Tuesday, August 8th.

Please CLICK HERE to chip in $10 or $25 to Public Advocate's fight for Religious Liberty.

Red Alert!.

With your help and God's blessing, you and I can stand in the way of their overpowering numbers by galloping through the streets like Paul Revere on his horse alerting Christians of this critical threat! banquet dresses

On many occasions you and I have alerted the world, outraged the homosexual lobby, and turn the tide in the fight to protect Religious Liberty.

But effective grassroots campaigns require extensive financial investment to maximize our impact.

Using targeted Internet banners, constituent petitions and phone calls, and local media ads, Public Advocate has a proven track record of success stretching back to 1981.

In fact, I've led Public Advocate's toe-to-toe fight that foiled Gill's efforts before...

Like when Public Advocate defeated Gill's attempts to buy passage of a state-level Gay Bill of Special Rights in Michigan.

Our fight in Michigan is proof that no matter how much money the Homosexual Lobby spends, most Americans oppose their radical agenda when Public Advocate warns them of the danger.

But without the financial resources needed to fund our crucial programs, I'll be forced to keep Public Advocate's expertise, experience, and effectiveness on the sidelines.

So please help Public Advocate reach our $25,000 program budget before Tuesday, August 8th by chipping in $10 or $25 to our "Red Alert for Religious Liberty" right away.

Red Alert!

Gill alone has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to overcome Christians, scare churches, browbeat weak kneed politicians and fool the public.

Gill even vowed that he will spend every last dollar of his fortune to push the radical Homosexual Agenda on every last American citizen.

And they're already moving behind the scenes.

That's why I need to mobilize pro-Family Americans IMMEDIATELY.

William, you and I can't rely on luck and wishful thinking to defend Religious Liberty.

Sadly, many pro-Family Americans have done just that over the last decade or so.

And look where it has gotten us.

The Homosexual Agenda has spread at a rate unimaginable 15 or even 5 years ago.

Christian business owners are coming under increasing government persecution, facing back-breaking fines and threats of imprisonment.

I've even heard of a conservative congregation in Georgia who had their church taken from them by a liberal denomination because they opposed homosexual "marriage."

The danger facing our way of life -- and the future of the country our children will inherit -- is real.

The time to act is now.

Please help Public Advocate fund the first phase of our fight to protect Religious Liberty from Tim Gill and the radical Homosexual Lobby with your gift of $25.

For over three decades, my staff and I have learned to stretch every dollar and maximize our impact on a shoestring budget.

And we know how much of a sacrifice it takes for our supporters to contribute $25.

So if $25 is too much, I pray you'll contribute $10 or at least $5.

Red Alert!

Don't surrender our country to immoral anti-Christians who hate the values we stand for.

The Homosexual Lobby and their allies loathe pro-Family Americans like you and me.

Speaking at an OutGiving conference, then-Vice President Joe Biden gave a keynote address where he called those of us who oppose the radical Homosexual Agenda, "unsure, ignorant, and not knowing."

And to this day, the Homosexual Lobby uses that message and boasts about it.

But as long as I have breath, I refuse to stand by while people who can barely contain their contempt for us rob us of our God-given and Constitutional rights.

Please CLICK HERE to help Public Advocate stand up to the Homosexual Lobby's billions by chipping in $10 or $25 right away.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. I'm issuing a "Red Alert" for Religious Liberty to every single Public Advocate supporter.

I've run the numbers, and by my estimate, it will cost Public Advocate at least $25,000 to combat the first wave of Gill's assault on the most vulnerable targets.

And it's critical for this funding to be in place before our August 8th deadline.

Tim Gill boasts he will spend $100 million dollars over the next decade to push the radical Homosexual Agenda on every last American citizen.

CLICK HERE to fight back against his billions by chipping in $10 or $25 before it's too late.