bar mitzvah dresses

Welcome to Little Thistle!

My prices are based on a few things. One is my time, I don't work for free! This is a job and I pay myself for the work I do. Two, is fabric costs. I buy a lot of custom printed fabric. These are fabrics that are not available in stores, and I order them through small companies. In fact I work for one, Wanderlust Designs Custom Fabric , you should join and see all the pretties! Other fabric I buy from different sources online, but isn't custom so the pricing is less. Three, your items are made to order and to your measurements. Custom made for you. Not one or five sizes fit all. You give me your numbers and I make them to fit your body. bar mitzvah dresses

Please check out the Adult and Kids albums for pattern samples!

***Adult Pricing***

*Adult Leggings*
- Custom Fabric, $45
- Non-Custom Fabric, $35
- For Ankle and Capri Lengths
- Bike and Booty subtract $10

*Adult Pencil Skirts*
- Custom Fabric, $40
- Non-Custom Fabric, $30
- Knee Length

*Mama Mya Tunic/Dress*
- Tunic, $35
- Dress, $40
- Add Cowl, $5
- Add $10 for Custom Fabric

*Plum Dolman Top*
- Custom Fabric, $40
- Non-Custom Fabric, $30

***Children's Pricing***

*Shorts With or Without Cuffs*
NB - 9/12m: $15
12/18m - 2/3T: $18
3/4T - 5/6T: $21
Add $5 per item for custom fabric.

6m - 3y: $20
4y - 7y: $25
8y - 14y: $30
Add $5 per item for custom fabric.

*Wendy Dress*
3m - 12m: $35
18m - 3y: $40
4y - 6y: $45
7y - 12y: $50
Add $5 per item for custom fabric.

*Tee - Raglan or Apricot*
3m - 18m: $15
2y - 4y: $20
5y - 7y: $25
8y - 14y: $30
16y: $35
Subtract $5 for non-custom fabrics.

*LIL Laundry Day Tee/Tunic/Dress*
2T - 4T: $30
5y - 7y: $35
8y - 12y: $40
14y - 16y: $45
Add $5 per item for custom fabric.


Option 1: First class with tracking, no insurance, cheapest rate by weight. Invoiced for shipping once items are finished.

Option 2: Priority, includes tracking and insurance. $7 bubble mailer, pricing goes up for boxes. Shipping included in purchasing invoice.

These are items being offered at this time! I will add more as time goes on, to include tanks, cardigans, and other tops. All sales will go through PayPal, even local buyers. You do not have to have a PayPal account, just a credit card. Local buyers can pick up at my convenience to save on shipping.