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Abelmoschus esculentus, okra, ladies fingers, quingombo, gumbo plant, edible. Okra is in the Malvaceae (mallow) family related to hibiscus, cacao and cotton. The leaf, flower, seed, flower buds, seed pods and root are all edible, but most people just eat the young seed pods. This plant has many uses besides for food. The seeds can be roasted and grounded and used as a substitute for coffee. The seeds can also be pressed for an oil, and the okra seed oil can be used as a biofuel. This plant contains a thick gluey substance called mucilage which is mixed with water to make glue for postage stamps and paper labels for cans and other packages. The mucilage in okra is used to thicken gumbo, soups and other food dishes. A fiber can be made from the stock of the plant. Abelmoschus esculentus (okra) is a medicinal plant with many healing properties, like: Reducing the risk of colon cancer by cleansing the intestinal tract, Preventing unnatural birth cycles and helping the development of the fetal neural tube, Prevents asthma attacks, Improves sexual health, Prevents obesity, Lowers bad cholesterol, A treatment for gonorrhea, syphilis, constipation, pimples, diabetes, menstrual bleeding, dysuria (burning pain while peeing), psoriasis (itchy skin) and leukorrhea to name a few. The word abelmoschus is Arabic for abu-l-mosk meaning "father of musk" referring to the smell the plant sometimes releases as a defense. The word okra is from the word okuru in the Igbo language of Nigeria for the name of this plant. big size wedding wears of plus style