bridal gowns for wide shoulders

Dateline six years ago.

Fashion is fashion. In the 19th and early 20th century, women w/o hair in their armpits. I suspect this was partially mechanical, but it was also fashion. From what I've been told [zero knowledge] that modern Greek women find razors terrifying and only wax. Temporary tattoo art has become an industry.

When I started working in offices, women wore normal bras (or none). The standard office temperature was set for men with undershirts, shirts, ties, wool vests, jackets and pants. Cooler that was really needed. Now foam rubber is standard. You can't imagine (or perhaps can) how often Susan railed on about modern bras, once she started to need a bra. After not wearing any bra for sixty years, the modern product was intolerably cruel. bridal gowns for wide shoulders

I don't personally go to extremes. But I find closely trimming hair in sweaty regions can reduce body oder. Other than smell, all that know me, know fashion is not a primary concern for me.

Now The Atlantic might have added this essay to sell for additional sales, otherwise I have no reason to think it would be included. Vogue, or rather fashion magazines targeted tat younger markets would be where I'd expect these articles.

Why do I even care? It just is one more article justifying (or the reverse, or warning) fashion trends to old farts, people who feel a need to criticize other's fashion choices, false angst and despair. In pre-revolution France bathing more than once or twice in a year was weird or odd. I suspect part of the joy of fashion is to be criticized by others.

As an old fart, I don't have much interest or right to criticize the fashion of others. I am impressed at the some of the artistry. One's body provides the most personal of all canvases for art. For some, fashion is driven external. Or lack of fashion. There was a Swiss bank with a 66 page dress code.

I find some body art, which includes all aspects of appearance, very attractive. More boring (like mine). And some to be fashion accidents. Much like a display at a modern art museum. I see clothes that are works of art, that I can't see anyone wearing. Some silly (crochet undies). Some designed to be outrageous (Lady Gaga on the red carpet).

Personal art and self expression are not for me to consider naughty, less to gossip over and much less to write an essay (of faint praise or outright condemnation). Demi Moore pregnant and naked on the cover of a magazine was beautiful to me, as was Natasha Kinski with a large snake. Of course not for others. The smirk on Burt Reynolds' face for his naked photo for a woman's fashion/lifestyle magazine was also great.

But can we not tattle about it? Fashion and art journals are the place for these discussions. Some things, like Elvis' forward thrusts, outrage too many people for many to shut up.

But the rest of us have better things to discuss: Texas requiring women to buy rape insurance is a single example.