casual and informal wedding wears look flapper

The last "pic" that'll show this number of plants... 3 of these 'girls" showed some male flowers too, which me thinks is very rude, so I yanked their butts out of the ground right after this pic... LOL! One of the "hazards" of working with a small 'gene pool', and half the original genetics were "feminized" seeds.. The original "Developer" of "O.G. Kush", and the breeder of "Trainwreck", only released feminized seeds... So to keep their "True breeding strain" unique.... So one has to "outcross", then "back breed" to re-create something similar to the original.... Or you can do like me and go your own direction, outcross again, create a bigger gene pool to work with...And "delete" immediately any "recessive traits", or anything that doesn't measure up to the goals I'm trying to achieve... 9 females left and looking seriously fine,,, 1 badass male, dominant "Kush" genes... casual and informal wedding wears look flapper