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Possible symptoms and health condition ***************Infectious causes of fever according to localizing symptoms casual mother of the bride summer dresses
a Malnourished or immune-depressed children may have a bacterial infection without a fever.
b Critically ill appearing child: weak grunting or crying, drowsiness, difficult to arrouse, does not smile,
unconjugate or anxious gaze, pallor or cyanosis, general hypotonia.
Signs or symptoms Possible aetiology ...
Meningeal signs, seizures Meningitis/meningoencephalitis/severe malaria
Abdominal pain or peritoneal signs Appendicitis/peritonitis/typhoid fever
Diarrhoea, vomiting Gastroenteritis/typhoid fever
Jaundice, enlarged liver Viral hepatitis
Cough Pneumonia/measles/tuberculosis if persistent
Ear pain, red tympanic membrane Otitis media
Sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes Streptococcal pharyngitis, diphtheria
Dysuria, urinary frequency, back pain Urinary tract infection
Red, warm, painful skin Erysipelas, cellulitis, abscess
Limp, difficulty walking Osteomyelitis/septic arthritis
Rash Measles/dengue/haemorrhagic fever/Chikungunya
Bleeding (petechiae, epistaxis, etc.) Dengue/haemorrhagic fever
Joint pain Rheumatic fever/Chikungunya/dengue

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