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OK, so the season is upon us for one of my favorite movies. "It's
A Wonderful Life" is a classic. I do enjoy it. But as I've thought about the movie, two things bug the crap out of me. First, the title of the movie uses an expletive construction. Grrr, that grinds me almost as much as backpacks or people blithely saying, "Have a good one." And second, Bedford Falls is a shit little town and Pottersville gets a bad rap. Allow me to explain.

Bedford Falls was a boring, quiet, sleepy town with trees damaged by drunk drivers, teachers who send children home half dressed in the middle of winter, angry fathers who fail to achieve their dreams and take out their frustrations by kicking over architectural models, and husbands of overly emotional teachers who get into fights in nearly empty bars. How did Martini keep that place going, he hardly had any customers! If you wanted to have fun in Bedford falls, and assuming you didn't get poisoned by the drunk pharmacist, you could hang out at the drug store, wow, big whoop, or you could go see that stupid movie "The Bells of St. Mary" for the millionth time. champagne color cocktail party selections

Pottersville was much more fun. You had the hustle and bustle of people being out and about. Upbeat jazz music played everywhere. You had the Blue Moon Bar, bowling, pool, and billiards. That's right, Pottersville was so hopping they had both pool and billiards! I don't know the difference, but they had both! You had fight night every Wednesday. You had hotels, dance clubs, and cocktails at the Bamboo Room. You had a pawn shop if you needed some money and dancing girls to spend it on! You could go to the Indian Club and best of could do the jitterbug for only a dime a dance!

Later on you could go to Nick's place and get served hard drinks, you know just in case you're a man who wants to get drunk fast. And Nick didn't use cheap ploys such as having "characters" around to give the joint atmosphere. Nick's place was packed to the gills with people out for a good time, Nick didn't need gimmicks or "jordache" drinks like mulled wine or flaming rum punch.You order crap like that and he might slip you his left as a convincer! Plus Nick generously gave out angels' wings, he was no piker!

Now, witness of the awesome firepower of this fully armed and operational Pottersville!

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