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Sadly, I’ve been seeing several posting talking about how kids are struggling in our schools. One parent asked why everyone (kids) can’t just be nice. Based on those postings and this comment, I thought I would take a moment to introduce the Decatur SAVE Club.

S.A.V.E. stands for Students Against Violence Everywhere. The mission is to Engage, Empower, Encourage and Educate students on tools to help prevent violence in the schools. I didn’t choose to bring a SAVE Promise Club to Decatur, because our schools are violent, but rather because they offer so many options on working with kids to create a kinder environment.

The Decatur SAVE Clubs mission is to empower our students, and the township, with a strong sense of community, and to represent Decatur Proud in a positive manner. We want to engage, encourage, and educate students on topics that are important to students, and that will help build self-reflection and independence. We will focus on activities that will build leadership skills, train mentors, and help support our community. We are students helping students make positive decisions for themselves, their families, and for our community.

Our biggest project, at this time, is the Decatur Prom Dress Program. I have tried to show our members, how sponsoring and helping with this program helps other students. Going to prom is not cheap! By offering dresses, an accessory, and a prom ticket, all of the price of the ticket, we are giving girls, who might not normally be able to afford prom, the opportunity to go to prom. This is a program that was originally created by two Choice students, who hoped that after they graduated the program could continue. I agreed to take it over and make sure it continued. cheap prom dresses under 50

Next week we will be promoting “START WITH HELLO” week. – – This is a program put on by Sandy Hook Promise. It is a program that brings attention to social isolation and works with kids on how to include and connect to those who they see isolated from others.

The following week is “RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS” week – – This week is designed to work with the kids, and show them ways to create a kinder school and community.

Because the club is so small, right now, I have been using our social media pages to promote programs, like these. I hope that one day we will have enough members to enable us to do more, in the schools and community; not just with these topics but in many other ways. Right now we are only at DCHS, but I would love to see us grow to encompass the entire district. Our meetings are after school, at 3:50, in the main office. Anyone, who would like to participate, is more than welcome. If you would like more information, please feel free to message or call me.