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Thanks to Facebook I am reminded the NFL still exists. Men playing a game making millions of dollars protesting what exactly? Getting rich playing a game? Protesting the very police that protects them to, from and in the stadium where they are EMPLOYED by a corporation with employee policies? If they are trying to bring awareness to something I'm not sure what it is. Off season these guys have private security made up of former LEO and military so tell me again how mu ... ch you protest police brutality. And now we see this mentality filtering down to even youth league football because kids see the pros do it and think it's cool. What if EMS took a knee every time they were called to a low income area because they knew they would be endangered. Or maybe the police should take a knee when it comes to responding to crime in communities that shout "pigs in a blanket fry like bacon" . The firefighters should take a knee when instead of risking their lives trying to save someone from a burning meth lab. As much as I didn't like Obama, never would I dream about being this childish about a presidents comments. When I saw people curled up and crying that should've been a sign. Now "tough football players " can't go to work without being offended. Count yourselves lucky that a vast majority of police, fire, rescue personnel don't hold to that same philosophy because if they did society would crumble in a week. Meanwhile these athletes are one ACL tear away from being worthless and irrelevant. chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching

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