cocktail with green color

Edit: Since I've updated this so many times, usually when it appears on my feed it will only show the photos I've most recently added so click on the actual album title if you want to see all 500+ of them.

I tend to habitually save pretty much any kind of image or gif that draws my attention and I realized a little bit ago that I rarely ever post any pictures outside of my vast stores of dank memes and silly gifs. I'd like to rectify that by sharing a bunch of the cool photography I've saved up over the last year or two. If possible I'll list the original source or the context, otherwise I'll just use the title of the photo that I found attached to it originally (or that I've given it, if it didn't have one or I thought it sucked). Every photo will have a description providing some context if possible as well + often have some of my thoughts on them. Some carefully posed stuff. Some accidental shots. Some grim. Some inspiring. Some repulsive. Some lovely. I like to try to find things to appreciate even in the myriad horrors of humanity. cocktail with green color

Now featuring: Death, explicit and implicit violence, some tasteful nudity, poverty, a fair amount of fairly bad English from when I was too lazy to properly edit the Google translate version of the descriptions or the poor English of the photographers themselves, silly bullshit, and some other random stuff.