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From now on, when someone starts a joke with "I'm not racist" this will be the first thing I think of. I'm dead because when the first guy goes, you hear what makes minorities upset, and you get that feeling in your stomach like "that's not right, nobody should love that way, I don't like where this is headed"... That's good, hold onto that feeling. and some people just can't understand it and get angry and pretend it isn't true. But, when the second guy (yes I know it's one person but two characters) goes you hear what he and many of his ethnicity are going through, you go from "I don't like how black folks are treated when it's like this" to "This black guy is racist, white people suffer those same issues, I'm angry and want to prove we're equal by posting anecdotes about how I'm equal to a black person because I had a crappy childhood and know EXACTLY how he/she feels". Then, you'll be angry not because you sympathize and want to help, but what effects him and even then some non minorities will make you want to hop up and say "I been there" "I didn't have this/that" "I understand 90% of what he said and I'm white"... Right at that moment before whipping out your pitchfork and attacking me with a keyboard and telling me I'm fat/ugly/stupid/ a bad dresser, instead of arguing the fact it happens to everyone and you did "good" anyway, why not show him/her the way instead of arguing about it ? Go out into your community, even if nobody helped you ever in your life and your a millionaire now, help someone in a "lower class" than yourself and show them how it's done instead of separating yourself from anyone. If you get angry, like actually feel that anger in your chest and face, because of what the second guy says because he defines those things as "only for black people" in a song, but not because of the first parts meaning, then you're part of the problem. Take that anger not to me, but into our communities and turn it into production of better opportunities for everyone. If it's possible for anyone of any color or class or religion to feel equal to everyone else, instead of typing it, go out and show us. Prove to everyone how you grew up didn't effect the fact you did so well in life and help somebody else (other than yourself) do the same things in life. Nobody is saying "white people dont grow up poor" or "white people dont get shot by police", or "kill whitey", all he is trying to say is maybe look at it from his point of view the best you can. Don't instantly separate you from him because of class or color, really put thought into it and think " what would have happened in situation (a), (b), (c) if maybe I was black, maybe my clothes didn't suit what that other person liked, maybe my grammar was a little to different to them so based on how I'm talking, walking, dressing, looking in not getting the same treatment as Mr. Pink polo and skinny jeans over there with his golf clubs". This isn't to stir up hate, argument, fights, whatever, I grew up in poor, drug filled, abusive, absent homes and neighborhoods around all walks of life and skin colors. I don't claim to know how anyone feels beside me as a person individually. But, I have witnessed some things in my life, I 100% promise you would not have happened if certain people were not a certain color. Have messed up, biased, hateful, racist things happened to me ? Hell yes they have. No doubt. They have probably happened to a lot of white people reading this right now, and it's not any more acceptable than what some minorities go through. Hate is hate, and until we recognize and address it for what it is, it will never ease up or hopefully cool down altogether. To the still very non minority friends who haven't deleted, messages, or commented something hateful on here because "you know what it's like", I'm sorry you feel that way. And I'm sorry about your life starting crappy, but it made you strong right ? Take that exact feeling of being the scroungy, poor, embarrassed to be seen, and unwanted little kid in the room that everyone is staring at. Now imagine that feeling almost every day. custom made collections for bridesmaid