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Hey, so I understand this may go one of two, maybe three different ways. Of course this is Facebook, and this is a military group where soldiers, former and current, can vent and have fun while also watching stupid civilians try and act like bad-asses when they have no f***ing idea what it is really like over there, or what you have had to deal with.

But I would like to ask people who have already done it, rather than just getting myself into shape and listening to some recruiter add money to their paycheck.

I have grown up in a military family, poppi (Grandfathers Father) Served in WWII, Grandfathers brothers served in Korea, Grandfather served in Vietnam, Dad would've been in Desert Storm but he chose a different path after being rejected for having braces at the time (Which is understandable).

Back during those times I would like to think the world, and I was raised believing, was completely different, your family name meant something, defending your country meant something, (and other than Vietnam we were actually fighting for something real, then again I wasn't over there I just have read the journal of Patrick S. Flaherty and watched war movies and done a bit of googling) you stood up for what you felt was right and did things for a good reason, no matter the outcome.

I want to enlist, I truly do, I want to be apart of the brotherhood, I want the ass kicking, I want the discipline and respect driven into my brain and let it change me as a man to grow and become better than who I am currently, I wish to help our boys over there and fight the good fight. I want to be a hero for myself, not for the glory or medals or a parade, but to smile and realize that I'm doing something with my life. Not dealing with whiny self entitled assholes and making their food for them.

But I am truly scared, one because its war, war is no joke, it's nothing like the movies and its nothing like the video games we play. Women, children, elderly, gas, bombs, electronic attacks, hand to hand combat, the closest thing to hell that we may ever see. That is war.

But also, because I am scared that I am signing myself up to be a government attack dog, following orders that I may find out are against my morals and I know are completely wrong. Watching my brothers and sisters, some who I may have trained with in boot camp, and some that I knew from school that I run into or train with over there, die in front of me. Getting shot at by people that want to kill me, fighting for my life and my friends lives, all thinking that what I am doing, every bullet that I squeeze off, every time I sink my knife into someone, or bludgeon them to pulp with the butt of my rifle, or a stone, or my bare hands. That all of it is for a reason, that I am upholding my duty as an American citizen, as a son of the Krillke family, making my family, and Uncle Sam proud because I am protecting our liberties. dress suitable for bride that looks little

Is that what I will do when I enlist? Is that really what is happening, or am I just some silly child that might have to get buried by my father because I went off to fight a war that shouldn't have been started in the first place, that I gave up my life for nothing, just to become another statistic and a yellow letter sent home.

I mean no disrespect at all with this post, I know its a wall of text, but I have been fighting myself over these things since I graduated high school, I almost went straight into the Marines right out of school since the Air Force said I couldn't fly.

I want to do my part, but I am afraid that I am wrong, and that I won't help anything. Why did you all do it? Please help me understand so I can have a clear conscience.