evening party wears with sleeves

So many of the show folks probably see me around shows looking extremely Red and eyes swollen. I look rough. Yes it is hot and I run silly as y'all know, but most don't know I am having severe allergic reactions that each show seem to be getting worse and worse. I take Benadryl and Zertec and Claritin. Nothing helps really. I am in lots of pain (burns terribly) and itching and miserable. It takes several days to a week after show to get better. This weekend my throat has begun swelling up making it hard to swallow like a golf ball is in my throat as well which has not ever happened prior. The rash is almost like a chemical burn is the best way to describe it. As my skin literally peals like a really bad bad burn . Obviously it is time for me to go see an allergist as soon as I can and a must but have any of u ever dealt with severe allergic reactions or dealt with this? Showing is what my kids do. I love doing it with them. I have to get this figured out and quick. What's more strange is I don't have reactions at our barn, only at shows. My thought is the pine shavings. Are there shots u can take? More curious to know if anyone else has ever dealt with this type allergy?YES I AM GOING TO THE DR.! evening party wears with sleeves