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There is a widespread myth running around the prolife movement that Planned Parenthood gives out faulty, low dose birth control in order to create more abortions. Now, I will be the first person to come out and expose the poor practices within Planned Parenthood, but this is not one of them. Planned Parenthood gives out the exact same type of birth control that you would receive at any pharmacy. When exposing evil, we must always do so with honesty and integrity. high low asymmetrical wedding selections

Just a side ... note, the person who has always said this worked in a non-Planned Parenthood abortion clinic more than 30 years ago. Maybe that was the case in the clinic where she worked many years ago, but that is not, and has not been the practice in Planned Parenthood facilities.

I just wanted to clear that up since I was asked about this in Germany (I told you it had been spread far and wide)! :)

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