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My middle child has high eosinophils. Has had them for quite awhile and the plethora of blood tests and a bone marrow showed no reason. They believed it was a parasite, as blood work showed the antibody to it, and treated him for it. His count went down some in a mint and then the next month was back up. He was recently treated again and yet again it was down a month later. We won't know until next week of it's back up. While looking into it again tonight I came across Mast C ... ell Activation Syndrone which is why I came to y'all. We know he has Chiari, not sure about EDS but probably does. Could this be what's causing it? Does anyone know what tests can be done to see if it is? I know what I read said sometimes the mast cells? aren't higher in number in bone marrow even though they are causing issues. What got me was a statement saying that the patients dr's are normally baffle as to what is causing the immune response. They are most definitely baffled. high waist empire wedding collections with sleeves

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