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So, I was a slacker yesterday and forgot to post so today you get 20 things.

Day 13 & 14

1. I cannot stand to eat a grape or eat grape flavored things but I will drink grape flavored things.

2. I love Coco-Cola Classic, especially the fountain ones from McDonalds because they really are the best!

3. I hate doing laundry. I don't mind folding it, I just hate the 'doing' part of it.

4. I gave up on matching socks into pairs. We just have a sock basket in the closet and you are in charge of digging out your own. My kids rarely wear matching socks.

5. I hate video games. I mean, I really loathe them. I feel there are far more important things to do than play video games. My husband fails to agree with me.

6. I am brand picky when it comes to food. I hate generic macaroni and cheese, it has to be Kraft. I hate generic hotdogs. They either have to be Oscar Mayer with cheese in them or Old Wisconsin Natural Casing Wieners. I hate generic peanut butter, only Skippy (creamy) for me. The list goes on and on. hot prom dresses

7. I am not brand picky when it comes to cereals. I will eat any knock-off.

8. I've never been inside a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.

9. I love to take pictures of my kids, especially when they are asleep because it is when they are the most well behaved and usually their cutest moments.

10. I occasionally sleep with a teddy bear. Alex gave it to me a few years ago & every now and again I just need a snuggle when I am alone.

11. Most nights I just sleep hugging Alex's pillow though since he isn't home to use it.

12. I have on occasion taken his pillow out from under his head to hug it and go to sleep.

13. I am notorious for watching Netflix or Hulu on my phone in bed at night and a lot of times it is while Alex is sleeping (the 1-2 nights I get to sleep next to him) and it usually wakes him up at some point.

14. I hate going to the doctor, for myself. I always fear the worst but it is never bad.

15. I love my riding lawn mower and won't let anyone else use it to mow the lawn.

16. I have a tendency to forget to eat throughout the day, even with the kids home eating nonstop, I rarely feed myself. (How did I get this fat?)

17. I can't sleep with my feet covered up, they have to be able to escape the bed.

18. If kids weren't so expensive and I didn't hate being pregnant I would never stop having them.

19. I would like to foster kids as mine get older.

20. I want to turn 40 in Las Vegas and I am going to find a way to make it happen!