items to wear for the reception usage

Happy birthday to my sister-in-love, but who has genuinely become another sister to me for real. We have lived far away, lived close, worked together ( 2 or 3 times, lol & once in the same business office where we would regularly shut the doors for dance parties and sing-offs) ... attended church together, been coaches wives together, raised kids together, tried to have normal dinners alone at nice restaurants with Erin and 4 babies under 5 years-old together where we endured never ending fits (Nolan and Carter), people growling at our children (no joke), runaway children (carter), and one child that always made sure to get his head stuck in chairs on these trips (kaden?!). We have bought pencils off random people on the street and been a stellar karaoke duo...We have laughed together more than I can count. We have cried together and felt broken for each other. We have listened, supported and as sisters do... disagreed and grown closer from it. However important these thing are, we have without fail-- genuinely and unconditionally loved, celebrated, and cheered for the successes of each other's children. It is rare to find someone who can deeply and selflessly love, want the absolute best for your children and not feel the need to compare or compete. Thank you items to wear for the reception usage Amy Herchock for being all these things to my family;) we love you and hope you have a great 30th birthday!!!