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Let us prove that Islam is the religion of terrorism !!!!
1 / Who started the first world war? Muslims ???
2 Who started World War II? Muslims ???
Who killed 2 million indigenous people (Ebazirin) in Australia? Muslims ???
4 / Hiroshima and Nagasaki who destroyed the generation of nuclear bombs? Muslims ??
Who has killed more than 10 million Red Indians in 5 / North America? Muslims?
6/6 million Americans who killed more than 5 million Red Indians? Muslims?
7 / Who took away 18 million slaves from Africa, 88% of those who die in the trail or were thrown out of the Atlantic? Muslims?
Who used to kill 30 million Jews by using 8 / gas?
9 / Jaliyalabagh killer of India who did the killing? Muslims?
10 During the British rule, Muslims who killed millions of people by making trees on both sides of road
11 / fifty thousand people are killed in Palestine? Muslims?
12/10 years in Iraq, who are killing people with the army? Muslims?
13 / Afghanistan, Pakistan who are dropping drone attacks in the country? Muslims?
14 / Who is going to Muslim homes in Kashmir and women who are raped and raped by women?
Who are the Muslims who are fired without provocation?
15 / People in Burma kill their teeth and eyes, who are laying dead bodies in the brain? Who is burning the dead body of petrol?

Answer: The answer to all is not "Nothing" ie ... Muslims are not involved in any major crime in the world.
First you have to tell 'terrorism' to whom it is clear ... If a non-Muslim person commits an offense, then it is a common crime, and Muslims do not do any wrong, but Muslims are terrorism, militancy ???? items with lace decorated back to wear of the wedding

So, with great sorrow, I can not prove that Islam is the religion of terrorism !!!!
If Islam is the religion of peace on earth!