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I posted a couple nights ago.... terrified that I had a very faint positive pregnancy test because I just had my daughter 2 1/2 months ago and we had sex at 6 weeks pp but ALWAYS use condoms since we had her. People were wondering what the result was the next morning when I retested. Thankfully it was negative! I called my dr. yesterday to ask him to start me on the pill while I wait for insurance to approve nexplanon, I told them I haven't had a period since I ... quit bleeding after having my daughter but that I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, I also told them that I haven't breastfed or pumped for a month and I am still producing enough milk that it doesn't just leak... I can spray it. My breasts don't get engorged but they won't dry up. I have severe post partum depression as well.... so I have an appointment this week with my dr because he's worried about my hormones. I had the best and easiest pregnancy, I had her at 38 weeks and I had no idea I was even in labor. I only pushed for 12 minutes and had her. Everything was so easy for me that I'm sure it's why I'm having such a hard time afterwards. It's like some kind of sick karma lol. I am just so happy I'm not pregnant again. I do want more kids but I want to wait at least 3 years. I really hope my hormones start balancing out so I can stop having all these problems. Sorry this is long and kind of all over, sometimes it is just nice to get my thoughts out there and vent. If anyone has any similar experience with the depression, lack of period or your milk supply not drying up for so long please let me know your experience/thoughts. Thank you! lace racer back homecoming garments of chiffon in short length

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