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reducing sids
Help baby manage body temperature
Your baby needs to be free to manage her own body temperature to reduce the risk of SIDS. Signs that your baby may be overheated include sweating, damp hair, heat rash, rapid breathing, restlessness, and fever. Place her on her back to sleep and always keep her head uncovered while sleeping. Remove any bonnets or hats while she sleeps indoors, even if she may wake up. Feel your baby's tummy or neck to see if she is getting too hot or too cold and adjust her bedding accordingly. Don't feel her hands or feet to work out if she is warm enough; it is normal for them to feel cold anyway. Babies should not sleep next to a radiator, heater or fire or in direct sunlight. Don't use a hot water bottle, wheat bag, or an electric blanket for babies. latest 2019 prom party wears in tea length