latest graduation wears chic style

The hidden truth: If you lucky you start working early in life as early as after graduation and you are debt free except for NSFAS which you often forget the moment you finish ur last exam. During ur first years at work you often debt less, n most creditors would say please open atleast Jet account and pay it for 3 months to build credit record. Believe me you, that is the begining of your downfall (you were better without the record). Remember before starting work you had dreams, you had plans to do business may be after 3 years, but the Devel ( society) has a voice in your life. They will tell you that you working now you must look good you must dress smart, carry a good fone etc. Guess what, you can not buy all these things in one month, you open an account at truworths (interest free) , uzzi, markham etc, then after a year or so they will say yazi mf2 you can get polo nom iVivo and i light kwi gazolo and installment i cheap around R2000 nawe uthi 1+1=10 you automatically see that u can afford it, n you see that they normally hook up nice chicks with their cars, a luxury that you can afford to have, yet blocked by lack of ur own car, sold you buy it. They never tell u abt insurance, petrol, accidents, tires etc. you find those along the way when the petrol money or installment money is south. You make other debt along the way, and ur salary slowly become less and eventually never enough to sustain ur luxuries and it sometimes forces you to sell the things u need coz u focused on buying the things u want. Ur dream of starting a business after 3 years of work had diminished with no financial hope of resurrection. You hate ur job coz tz not paying u enuf, not that t doesn't but u re over committed to liabilities. U under perform at work n become disgruntled for nothing except ur poor decisions of wanting to own the status in the world where such status hold no grounds anymore. You are stuck to ur nice paying job coz u cnt leave it since u have debts to pay, whatever u do is dictated by debts, sum times u miss installments and u rob Paul to pay Peter. Now it is hard to loose these liabilities coz bazothini syndrome is one of the highest liabilities you possess, you wish for freedom yet u re enslaved by ur own fear of the external forces and they dictate on how ur internal forces should behave and you start to blame everyone, while the core culprit is urself. If you start working do all that is necessary early before u get trapped coz tz painful to be known as muntu osebenza kahle kodwa imphumela ayikho coz of poor decision we make early, failing to support ur kids n end up being on a child support coz people do not know dt u seriously struggling all they see is ur fancy job and fancy car n they think u made it. Ladies fly to you like bees to honey until they see only onions and Rama in the fridge n ur rep start to diminish as well. Be warned latest graduation wears chic style