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BEFORE I MOVE ON... because I am being called and pulled to another direction right now... I have to tell you a story. The reason why I am so HELL BENT on teaching people about how to stay healthy, is because of what happened to me.

I WOULD NOT WISH MY ILLNESS on my worst enemy (maybe if they keep pissing me off, but not right now.)

I TELL MY STORY COMPLETELY IN MY BOOK "The Best Freaking Diet Advice." I know a lot of you DON'T need to lose weight, but a lot of you do. MY PROBLEM is not strictly, weight related, but then might be.


So don't think that just because YOU ARE HEALTHY NOW... that it can't happen to you.

I was a VERY, VERY, HEALTHY PERSON, TOO... up until just a short 3-4 years ago. I was over 50 y/o, a healthy weight, hadn't seen the doctor for any major problems (except fibroids) IN YEARS, hadn't had a cold or the flu in over 40 years, and I was enjoying my life (as it was at the time.) I could walk for miles, and even run a little bit without any problems.

THEN TRAGEDY seemed like OVERNIGHT, (and it was literally overnight) One day I woke up, after having exercised vigorously to lose some weight for about 2 weeks...with my hip on FIRE! I had no idea what was happening to me, so naturally I WENT TO THE DOCTOR.

Well, long story short...I was diagnosed through blood tests and X-rays with RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS!!

What? That's a disease for OLD PEOPLE right?
I wasn't old...I was only 56 years old, I was healthy,...what kind of cruel joke was Mother Nature trying to play on me?

Come to find out that a COMBINATION of things, had contributed to my demise.

1. I had gained over 100 pounds since the age of 21. The weight had kind of crept up on me, and I wasn't paying attention. I didn't like to weigh myself, but when I had to go to the doctor regularly...THERE IT WAS. All over my charts and right up in my face. I WAS over 285 pounds!!!

2. But, because I had gained so much weight, I was putting untold PRESSURE on my muscles and joints. I had recently, lost my car and had to walk for miles to get to a bus for months. I liked to walk...but not for 5 miles a day, which was what I had to do. I also had fallen several times in my life and was a very active athlete and runner. My body was starting to fighting back.

3. The way I gained this weight was by EATING TOO MUCH SUGAR!! I LOVED ICE CREAM, CHOCOLATE CAKE, BROWNIES...ANYTHING CHOCOLATE...I WAS A CHOCOHOLIC! Not only because they said that "chocolate was healthy for you" (normally it is if it's dark) but because I just liked chocolate. Then I found out that I was GLUTEN practically everything I was eating, and was EATING EVERYTHING I WANTED...was making my body produce INFLAMMATION; which is the main cause of the pain.

But, it was the combination of all of those factors:
c. AND TOO MANY LIFE STRESSES (Yes, I was homeless for a minute there.)

All of those factors contributed to my waking up one day with an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE that can and will KILL ME, if I don't wake up and do something about this.

Therefore, while I was working on my health problems, I noticed that my relatives were getting FATTER AND FATTER AS THEY GOT OLDER AND OLDER. I said: "I can't let them do this...without some help." So, in one summer 2015, God touched my heart and first, I started a GOOGLE BLOG about losing weight and I got OVER 500 HITS the first week!

I said: "Hey...maybe I should write a book." So, I did and now it is for sale on Amazon. But, truth be seems like I CAN'T EVEN GIVE MY BOOK AWAY. I've given away less than 20 copies. My sales have been next to none, and no one seems to be interested. It is $14.99 which may seem to be a little expensive, however I CAN GET IT WHOLESALE AND SELL IT TO YOU FOR A LOT LESS. You can also get a KINDLE Copy...for ONLY $5.99 AND YOU DON'T NEED A KINDLE TO READ IT...BECAUSE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A READER APP THAT ALLOWS YOU TO READ THE KINDLE PRODUCTS ON ANY MEDIA TOOL! lattest chic prom garment for plus size ladies

I'm not rich folks...FAR FROM IT. But, I am trying to make a living for myself because, I can't sew anymore (my eyes are too bad) I can't work a 9-5 (because I have some personal bathroom issues), I don't have a car, and I basically live alone and "talk" to you guys on FB and my old friends whom I have known for over a half a century. I am not playing here...I AM WORKING ON MY LIFE!!

I DON'T DATE...because no man wants to be seen with a woman with a cane. Even though, I am still sexy and vibrant.

I DON'T GO OUT MUCH...because I don't have the money.
I DON'T COMPLAIN!! I am so sick of hearing people complaining about a stuffy nose, or pains in their stomach or heart.

I LIVE IN CONSTANT PAIN...24/7...for the last 4 years. My body feels like somebody beat me up with a tire iron. I am stiff and sore. The only things that move well are my fingers. I have to take CBD oil, which yeah is CANNABIS, because it eases the pain a little, but it doesn't take it away. I don't want artificial medicines like Ibuprofen, or stronger pain killers, which the doctors have put me on, because they CAUSED OTHER PROBLEMS IN MY BODY LIKE OPIOID CONSTIPATION, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, AND WEIGHT GAIN!!


If anyone is interested in GETTING HEALTHY for the last time of their lives...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE first go to my FB page "HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT PERMANENTLY" and then get my book (I can order it for much less, and I am about to set up a DISCOUNT CODE in Amazon for additional savings) FOR THE HOLIDAYS.)

PLEASE LEARN HOW TO GET HEALTHY...even if you are thin and might have OTHER HEALTH problems that I can help you with. Right now, I am trying to work in conjuction with a few other people who also are very health conscious and I plan to open a REHABILITATION CENTER in Las Vegas, as a sort of SPA LOCATION so people can come an learn about their health, get tested properly, and learn how to heal WITH GOD...not the doctor.

OK..I'm sorry I took up so much of your time. But, I felt that I had to get this out there for all those people who think that I just sit around all day writing posts on FB...

GOD BLESS YOU ...and all you have to do is send me an email and I will put you on the discount list. [email protected]