long sleeve wears in white

Savage Race Georgia 2017: Race Report

I survived. Period. It was fun, and I would do it again. We took our time and walked most of the course, but I did manage to only fail two of the 30ish obstacles.

One of the failed obstacles was swimming; now, I'm not the best swimmer to start with, but I don't think anyone is a good swimmer with two cramped calves. Thank God for the lifeguards. ...
The other was an upper body obstacle that took me a few tries to understand the best way to accomplish it, but after those tries my arms were spent.

I got my participation medal and my participation t-shirt, and my participation beer, which I definitely deserved. It was tough, and I may have had too much fun playing in the mud, but now that it's over, I can breathe again! long sleeve wears in white

Huge thanks goes out to Ms. Heather for inviting me out, and a colosal thanks goes out to Mr. 'Huey' for making it happen.

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