mermaid prom dresses 2019

Today I wore a one of those hippie dresses as John calls them.. It was white with blue beads and scrolling on it..
So when our Little Miss Adelynn came she told me I looked beautiful and she liked my pretty dress.. So, Julieann went for her sugar test and when she came home Adelynn told her mommy she wants to be a princes like grammaw.. So then they came back at 5:30, dressed in Minni Mouse heels, a cow girl hat, shorts and her sunglasses.. The girl sure has a way of dressing ... .. Later Jewel went to her appointment with the baby Dr. and I kept Adelynn here with me. I told her if she was good and got all clean that after her tubby I had a surprise for her.. So I got one of the dresses out that Kay Liz ordered for Christin Hughes girls for the wedding.. She wanted the white one.. So on it went, then her crown and heels.. After she was all done she wanted to see in the mirror just how beautiful she was.. She just cuts me up.. So I stand her in front of the mirror and she gasps, I'm beautiful just like you grammaw.. Awe, melt my heart.. Till all is said and done we had to swirl around and make the dresses float out like Frozen.. Who said kids don't see details.. Who says grammaw haint got moves.. mermaid prom dresses 2019

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