non-formal garments for wedding in short length

Merlin went to see our vet today. We did another blood draw, which is being sent to Antech. Dr. Banks also scaled the upper rear molars, and check the rest of his teeth. It does not appear that there are any infections, etc in his mouth. Slight gum receeding, but to be expected for his age. Labs should be back on Saturday. At that time, we will decide the best course of action for his renal issues and pain management for his hips. He is unable to handle NSAIDS as they make him vomit and have diarrhea. He has had two chiropractic adjustments and daily massages continue. He ate well last night, and again this evening. He's not much of a breakfast guy...LOL. His "snack" of choice is Rice Chex...go figure! We had the vet techs laughing at his sweet serenade....they gave him treats for his performance non-formal garments for wedding in short length ;)