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There are two types of tests to determine if you have TB infection a skin test and a blood test.

You can get a skin test at the health department or at your doctors office. A healthcare worker will use a small needle inject some testing fluid called (tuberculin) just under the skin on the lower part of your arm. After 2-3 days you must return to have your skin checked by a healthcare worker. A "positive" reaction usually means that you have a TB infection. online items to wear in the evening


There are also tests that use a small amount of your blood to check for TB. The advantage of the blood test and you don't have to wait 2-3 days for the result. However not all healthcare providers offer these tests.

A positive TB skin test or TB blood test can only show that you have been infected with TB disease. You will need to take other tests such as a chest xray and give a sample of sputum,to see wether you have TB disease and wether a strain of TB is drug resistant. These tests will help you and your healthcare provider choose the best course of treatment.

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