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Sooo.... Storytime!

First off, I hate driving through Texas. It's big, it's boring, the street names are unoriginal... Literally, I'll see a Bank St. or Refinery Rd. or Business Rd. and know immediately where the name comes from.

So I'm driving through Texas and I'm tired. I'm 'looking for the closest exit and hotel' tired; and sho 'nuff up comes Odessa, Texas. And I'm thinking, "Cool, I think I met Odessa once, probably a nice lady, I'm getting a hotel there". The first hotel/motel is an 'Economy Inn' and I'm too tired to care.

I walk into the main office and there is nobody in there. There is, however, a doorbell glued to the front desk. I press it, and just out of my view I can hear someone rustling like they're rolling out of bed. The lady comes to the front desk gets all my info, passes me my key, and proceeds to disappear back to what I assume to be a bed just out of view. over size garment for bridesmaid in modest style

So I'm walking to my room, and as I get there I start hearing yelling from the room two doors down. I just assume those are the natural noises of any cheap/sketch motel habitat and proceed to my room.

An hour and a half after laying down I wake up to the realization that I'm itching all up and down my legs. Thing is it shocked me cause I'm not used to being so itchy and I'm not allergic to anything except being broke.

I run to cut the lights on and check myself and not seeing anything on me I proceed to check the bed. I'm looking deep into the fibers of the covers searching for fleas, or ticks, or bedbugs or something and start throwing the cushions off to find a small yellow baggie with the remnants of white powder in it, and some dried blood stains.

That was strike one, two, and three right there and I decided to leave. Walk outside, and the same room with the yelling before is now wide open, the presumptive renter is in his car parked in front of the room half in and half out the car looking like every drug overdose video on WorldStar.

I go to return the key to the lady at the front desk, who is taking an especially long time rolling out of bed this time, and I start trying to explain the situation. She's telling me 'No Refund', I'm telling her "There's a dead body in your parking lot".

She goes back to sleep and I shoot straight on out of there at 120mph. Did not stop for nothing til I passed 'Freedom Rd.' on the way to Dallas.

Moral of the story:
Don't go to the Economy Inn in Odessa, Texas. Odessa is not the nice lady she seems.