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This is my story.
It's not over.
It's ever changing.
My life is better because I am healing my gut.


"I found out the hard way that I had fertility issues. I had to miscarry two children before I got a doctor's attention. My first never implanted correctly and was basically a chemical pregnancy. I never made it to a test. The second however, was months after having started Plexus.

I slept better, I'd lost some weight, I had energy and didn't lay around as much as I could. I was regular. I was able to stop soda! And for those of you that know me well, my blood is in fact, Dr Pepper. My period leveled out and weren't as unpredictable. Which caused what we couldn't have predicted. I got pregnant. And I foolishly stopped Plexus because I didn't want to be taking anything but a prenatal. over size wedding wears in mermaid trumpet style

Weeks later, almost at the end of my first trimester, we lost the baby. And getting married a week later put a lot on my plate at once. My hormones after that went completely haywire. The month afterwards I gained 30 pounds. THIRTY. In a single month.

I struggled for months with extreme sadness, and worsening moods. I had just married into being an aunt to small children.... imagine my hesitation to be around them. Months went by and I finally went to an OB because everything was just out of hand. My periods had gotten unbearable and alarming. Come to find out I have a hormone condition and insulin issues.

Fast forward to this year. I had given up on Plexus since that pregnancy. But February this year, my best friend, convinced me to try again. And I am NOT looking back. I've had enormous hormonal issues post pregnancy now that I finally had a baby. And I'm slowly reeling it all back in.

My acne has improved.
My sleep.
My periods.
My soda habit is gone again.
I don't snack all day.
And eat smaller portions.
I have energy all day to deal with my son.
I crave water!

I had a one day gap between my order and my new one being delivered and I was miserable! NEVER RUN OUT OF PRODUCT!

My life, my health, and wellbeing of my son and family have improved. By these products alone. What are you waiting for?!"

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