petite items to wear for maid of the brides

ALERT to all Parents, Carers, the lot.

Our whole family has been hit with gastroenteritis (stomach flu), and some have been hospitalized from it. Please DO NOT send your child to Daycare, Daycare facilities or Preschoolers & even Schools.

It is HIGHLY contagious and can spread quickly. Hygiene is the most important thing to do when you are infected with this virus!


This has taken time and money from us, from not being able to work or leave our house. This virus takes longer then 3-4days to ease up in your system, BUT you are still a carrier for at least a week to afew depending on your situation. petite items to wear for maid of the brides

Please DON'T send your child in even if they seem okay. You are putting other children and family's out with this virus!

Maitland/Rutherford/Aberglasslyn Area.

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