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Its seriously making me ill just observing our generation on fb social media ext. drama,dumb trends,whoring eachother off,trying to be "thug", attention addicts, posting promescuous shit then complain about the opposite sex harrasing you, being a adult but always asking for handouts, complaining about friends when you know damn well everyone has their own shit going on, trying to bully and fight everyone then wonder why you have that reputation of trashy, dont even get me started on these image trends the posses faces clothes rarely are these things done because of some sort of individuality. ive seen shit from teenagers possing with guns in their hotel rooms to their bf thats 47 years old talking about bae got me. wtf has happened over the years jesus christ. ik everyones life from every status that you bf cheated on you with jessicca, that you just woke up and did illegal drugs and the exact time and day you had your period. everybody knows the location of your work general area of where you live and from your recent post all the info on your drivers license perfect to steal your identity. The entitlement everyone thinks they get now adays is crazy. most of everyone is not special nothing but slaves to the trend now adays to be normal humble awake to the world loving is being a outcast. to be special you have to be cold have no real feelings. Let the amount of likes per status that dictates your life. its fucked. o and this whole everyones a model or rapper now thing is also ridiculous. im a full sexually active male and im about to throw my phone if i see one more damn girls half naked possing on my timeline or the hey selfie but let me but everybody part in the frame like really gaining popularity has come to this. Ik what brand and size braw most of yall were and ive never met u. ans guys stop trying to be a baller suck my dick fuck bitches dudes. yea your so cool now when most of your friends are married with children exploring the world making a future your still talking about how tanya didnt even give good head n you need a new boo. and if i see one more damn come cuddle or i cant sleep i swear. not only can every capable human sleep alone but you have pillows to cuddle im sure it can sufice seeing how its 12 at night. and everyone who says this open casting call to strangers then get overly pissed when a stranger does comment then bashes their life. fuck where are the 90s at again haha. fuck even 2000s ha. if you read this plus size prom dresses under $200 congrats youve been introduced to the monthly rant about chris hating the generation. Please leave comments and concerns blow and if this gets you pissed obvisouly your part of the problem. Good night yall.