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Baby Delight Snuggle Nest (blue)
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Creates a separate sleeping space for co-sleeping babies
Rigid walls protect your little one against bedding and rollover
Quilted fashion cover with mesh inlays promotes airflow ...
Comfort Mesh Liner helps reduce heat and sweating while your baby sleeps
Sounds and light unit with five volume levels and an automatic shutoff
Folding design for easy portability
The Baby Delight Snuggle Nest provides comfort and security by keeping your little one out of the "rollover zone" while he or she is sleeping in your bed. The sturdy, protective walls help protect baby from adult bedding, and the soft, quilted cover with mesh panels allows for comfortable airflow. The firm mattress with a wraparound sheet is a safe sleeping surface for your child, and the Comfort Mesh Liner for the mattress helps reduce heat and sweat on your baby's back. prom garments in white color
Included Sounds and Light unit features soothing music and calming womb sounds to help lull your little one to sleep and features five volume settings and an automatic shutoff, and the soft light lets you check in on your little one without disturbing his or her sleep. The folding design of the Snuggle Nest lets you quickly and easily fold up the bed for easy portability.
Safe sleeping areaThe Snuggle Nest serves as a separate and safe sleeping area for your co-sleeping baby. The sturdy walls help protect against adult bedding and rollover.
Cool and comfortableThe bed's quilted walls feature mesh inlays to promote airflow, and the Comfort Mesh Liner helps keep your sleeping baby cool by reducing heat and sweating.
Sounds and light unitThe bed's Sounds and Light unit features five volume controls and an automatic shutoff. The lullabies and womb sounds help soothe your baby, and the light lets you check in on him or her while sleeping.
Folding designThe bed quickly and easily folds up and features a lightweight design, making it great for parents on the go to take along.

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