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Sex dont suppose to be painful for women but it is a pity that most women complain of pains during sex.

Today I want to tell you why you are feeling pains whenever you have sex.
Your Vagina was made to give you pleasure during sex not pains.

1.VIRGINITY: You may feel severe pains during intercourse if you are a virgin. This pain is caused by some tissues covering your vulva also known as hymen. You will feel serious pain because those tissues need to be broken by a man's penis for full penetration. This pains only lasts for few days_this particular pain is normal.

2.FEAR: If you are the type that sees sex as painful act, you will always feel pains during sex. If you fear of getting pregnant, you will feel pains during sex. If you dont have feeling for your man, you will feel pains during sex with him. If you are not comfortable or feel saved in the room you want to have sex, you will feel pains during sex. red items with white to wear of the wedding

Change your mentality toward sex, sex is to be enjoyed not to endured. Relax yourself first, dont fear of anything, engage in foreplay for sometime to power up every sensitive part in your body then have sex to satisfy yourself.

3. INFECTION: Infections are the primary cause of too much pains during sex, menstruation and even during child birth.
Pains of sex and menstruation dont suppose to be serious but if it becomes so severe that you can not bear, that is the sign of infections.

Get yourself treated, visit a gyneagologist to have your vagina exermined and treated.
Most women feel less concern about this pains because they only feel this pains when they are having sex and menstruating and because of that, they conclude that, sex is a painful act.
My Sister sex and menstruation is not painful except there is infection that cause the pains.
Sex is sweet, it is not painful as you think, go and get yourself treated. # PSEA