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Heed or don't heed my warning. Back in my day, NO ONE said nothing about nothing. Let me bear fair warning, let me be your "Marley," as he was to, "Scrooge."
Believe me I'd agree with you on if your saying, "oh no, not me," whatever, "not everyone dies that way."
Well welcome to GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS, cause gambling against your health, life, shoot throw in your children won't see you get old. Or my favorite that most likely will happen to me in the end is gasping for air to breathe one last time.
I kinda try to give head's up with peep's and give warning about my health. A lil info on that, oh by the way, and if I suddenly tell you I'm sick I am, please try to catch me as I'm passing out. I may look strong and healthy, it's quite the opposite actually.
Bob knew I had a lil cold that I caught from Buddy then I gave it to Bob. Bob was generous and gave it right back to me.
Doctors know that I have a problem with those 2 organs that keep us alive, they insist that I get the flu and pneumonia shot, cause my poor immune system and severe asthma.
I been like this for decades, it's not new to me, I'm quite the gambler and have a helluva poker face.
Time is ticking and I get like this every time as IT IS MY HEADS UP!! I won't listen to myself cause I'm just waiting;.....
If your way WAY younger than me, you have a stronger chance to stop abusing your body, get and stay healthy.
I've acquired the ability to live crazy in the healthy moments of life and accept the question and discomfort of MY CHOICES.
It came to a thought I must be suicidal, secretly enjoy playing Russian roulette with the chances I take each time. Cause guess what? The minute I'm okay (cause really I'm NOT healthy) I'll be right back to ME!!
I 've come to terms I can't stop, when I do? Make sure they know I'm an organ donor, cremate my vessel and go to the middle of the Old South Omaha bridge and scatter my ashes over the bridge and into the Missouri river.
Never been the one to live out of my means. Don't waste $ on a urn, only 5 peep's need to see me off, (the 5th will know who they are, if the 5th is late due to distance, some ashes will be saved for them to scatter when they get to Omaha) shout your parting word's to me, cause I have a hard time hearing over noise. rose gold sequined prom selections with bling
Bob said he lost both of his grandfather's due to the same poor health condition, as he finally saw nebulizer machine.
I said, don't nag at me about it now. Like them and I, it's a done deal.
# catchingacoldscaresme