sexy long dresses

I must be getting REALLY OLD!!! When someone says to me there is a WINTERFEST DANCE I'm expecting to see long beautiful flowing dresses with really pretty fancy shaws thrown over the girls shoulders.... picked my son up from the dance tonight and I swore there was a competition between the girls to who could wear the lease amount of material. It seemed most the girls had backless dresses on that barely covered their but cheeks. Half of those had the cling on dresses that looked like they painted them on. All walking outside without a coat holding the hand of a boy who had not just long pants and sleeves on but a vest and a jacket. What ever happened to sexy dresses that had lace and frills and jewels? Call me old fashion but there used to be a difference between a dress for a formal dance and a dress to dance on a pole!! Don't get me started on the shoes as apparently the highest heal possible is the best to dance in.. Lol. Just glad to know my child isn't the only child who can at times be challenged by common sense. sexy long dresses