short homecoming party wears specially for tall girls

What was the argument for today is for most of the people go or NOT go to the gym they thing are big bodybuilders and have little t-shirts and they look like nothing the saddest thing in this story is you thing you are gorilla but you are the HOUBA-LOUMBA-from the chocolate factory the movie the little midget... bodybuilding it is not one CM bigger arm than the average Joe,,, but it is LATS,,,CHEST,DELTS,,AND BIG LEGS,WITH BIG CALVES...keep posing big fellows let the rest of the people have a fun..... with you..About Girls !!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha why they put all the girls in the World the same thing on;;;;;they communicate with the small brain technology ;;;what is the V BIV ''''V'''on the back the t-shirt;;;to saw us the 2 bones and some fat;;;;;;why we are ROBOTS;;;we do what the others do;;;;wake up be your self....this advice today was FOR FREE.... short homecoming party wears specially for tall girls