skater prom dress


In 2012, I began to experience back aches. Usually from the shoulders to the back and sometimes to my legs. I was advised to wear flat soles and reduce the load on my bag packs (I was addicted to bag packs which I usually strap behind).

I followed the advice and it reduced but it continued until 2014. In 2014, it became worse and the pains became more severe whenever I put on a brassier. My bra was one item I wear all day, at times to bed. I began hunt for more convenient bra and the search only increased my number of bras.

In 2015, I began to unhook my bra. I would wear a bra but unstrap it behind to relieve me of pain. By last year - 2016, I noticed the pain extended from my back to my chest. My doctor found no linkage between the bra and the stomach ulcer but I felt differently. I will endure wearing the bra for few hours and then pull it off entirely. I will get to the office, then few hours later, I quietly pull off my bra and stash away.

With time, my staff noticed. Thankfully, they were largely females and accepted it as one of Aunty P's weird behaviour. At home, my siblings also noticed and they all laugh about it though they were concerned about my physical appearance. However my sister (Bridget) and my niece (Jayne) continually shopped for bras for me with the hope that I will get something convenient devoid of those aches. I tried several types of bras to no avail. skater prom dress

During the pre-election preparations last year, BHI staff travelled to Benin to collect INEC observation materials. We hired a Sienna bus for the trip. On our way back to Igarra, Priscilla felt sharp pain at her back and she pulled off the bra stylishly. I then hid it behind the drivers seat. Alas, I forgot it there. Only for the driver to call the next day, unable to mention the exact item.

In 2017, the pain became unbearable and I began to select clothing that will not require wearing bra. However, I still seldom wear bra for selected occasions. On the 2nd of June, 2017, I decided to go bra-less and I did.

It's been over two months and I hardly feel the back aches nor shoulder pain. No bra at all. I just wear inner singlet and I look just fine.

Amazingly very few persons noticed my bra-less self all these while. I know with this post, more persons will pay more attention to my chest but I really don't care. We can't continue to live our lives dependent on people's opinions. Be free and be healthy.

The picture below is me bra-less but the dress still fit.