wedding bridal collection in blue

My Eyes Can Read Your Lips Too...I LOVES YOU
Babe your smile I can read
that's something that seems so genuine
You think I always got my normal sun burn going
but honestly you got me blushing ...
Making eye contact and that smile, brings such a rush
Sorry if you think that staring at my lips is not that noticeable
because honestly you do it way too much
How you laugh at every little thing
you give those tell-tale signs
that speak volumes more than our words
It's not a mystery of why you always grab onto me
always wanting one more touch
even if for an instance you get the pleasure of how my skin feels
You want to know who I am, and all that I am
So you laugh, flirt, throw things at me, and eventually bite me
To see if I taste as sweet as you would think
I'm no candy apple, even if I may be so brightly red
Even with everything fittingly the right place
I can't do this
No matter how much you want to know me
I can't do this
With every second I feel like I'm dying, once I get pass those goo-goo eyes wedding bridal collection in blue
I can't do this
Sorry babe but I can't tell if this is some where new
or some where that I died before

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