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???? Communication- is an act or process that allows people to interact with one another through words, signs, sounds and behavior.

???? Oral Communication- process of verbally transmitting information and ideas from one individual or group to another.


1). Formal Oral Communication
? Presentations at Business meetings
? Commencement speeches given at graduation ceremonies

2). Informal Oral Communication
? Face-to-face conversations
? Telephone conversations

???? Models of Communication ????

???? Linear Model
-shows a straight path of relaying information. It is one-directional which means that the information from a sender is conveyed directly to the sender.

Sender -----> (message) -----> reciever

???? Interactive Model
-takes into consideration receiver's feedback. This model has two sources, one from the sender and another from the receiver when he gives feedback. The keyword is interact. wedding collections With Lace Appliques at discounted price

Sender <----- (message/feedback) -----> Reciever

???? Transactional Model
-shows Communication as occuring continously and simultaneously between or among people. Participants are constantly sending and receiving messages.

(The photo is for Transactional model)
Oral Communication in Context by Marilou Santos-Syjueco

~~× Hypatia ????

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