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1. Master Coaching or Learning from Experts ( his teacher encourages him to go for it again and again)

2. Always surround yourself with positive people ( his friends/class mates are cheering him in his first,second, third,fourth and fifth attempts)

3. Set your goal higher than your ability ( that boy could have easily jumped in his first attempt, if he would chosen a smaller jumping pad)

4. Patience ( The organizer of the event had patience to allow his master/teacher to give permission for this boy to go for it again and again. There might be many students in the queue to do the same act)

5. Positive Impression on the parents watching it ( This event gives a re-assurance to the parents watching this act, that they have chosen a good institute for their children )

6. Persistence ( That boy could have got depressed and could have left the scene after repeated failures/shame in front of the parents, class mates, school mates etc. Yet he went for it again and again.)

7. Hope and Inspiration for others ( this bunch of events is going to give a lot of hope to the other students who are going to face the same issue again when their turn comes up)

8. Fake it until you make it ( the boy tried to fake the outcome of the act in his second attempt, yet his teacher interwined and gave him a third chance)

9. Life is all about going one more round ( after the third attempt, the boy starts to cry, losing all hope, the teacher asks him to go for one more round)

10. heard of the 3-feet gold story ? it has come in an ajith film called mugavari , actually it is a real life story ( a little different from ajith version) of guy named R.U. Darby who mined lot of gold from a site, but after some depth, there was no gold, so he quits. The second guy who took over the mine hired an engineer. The engineer correctly calculates that 3 feet from this depth, there is an another track of gold mine. Darby was sad hearing it but he carried on his lesson to his next job as a life insurance agent. He made million dollars. Whenever a person says NO to insurance, he would think of the 3 feet gold. Detailed story is available in the first few pages of the "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill ( this boy can use this experience in his other attempts to learn or overcome something else in life - even when he is not surrounded by parents, friends, classmates, teachers etc) wedding party guest wears look sexy

11. Double your failure rate to succeed faster ( if we want to succeed fast, then we have to double our failure rate. This boy could have tried the same the second day or the third day or after a week. But he went for it in the same day and enjoyed the fruits of success.)

12. The uphill may be difficult, but the view from the top is beautiful ( if the boy has to recollect his experience later on, in his life - he wouldn't think of the difficulties of this event, rather he would think of how beautiful it was to win that moment and see it from an algother different and positive perspective)

13. Enthusiasm is infectious ( the parents sitting in the first row are taking a video of all these events, they are certainly going to show this to their friends and family on how patience, persistence, encouragement can have beautiful effects on the life of others( may be that is how this video landed on our whatsapp group or some other social media websites))

14. "Giving example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach"-Albert Einstein ( this video is going to be great example/ lesson to the people who are going to watch it in whatever perspectives they choose to see it.)

15. Books are not the only form of education, solo/group activities like these can shape the thought process of the children/students in a great many ways.

16. Life is like a combinational lock, you may not know the exact combination of when you are going to unlock it ( the boy reaches his success in his fifth attempt. The 5th attempt is not an ordinary one, he is surrounded by many of his classmates and they are all encouraging him to go for it. They would have done something different in the 6th or 7th attempt)

17. Gratitude ( a feeling of being thankful ) towards masters/teachers ( The boy hugs the teacher after his success. This also reminds me of what vanathi mam told us in her last speech to our batch " As a teacher, our only happiness is hearing from you that, you are doing well in your job and life....Stay in touch with us.... "))

18. Learning from the mistakes of the others. We may not get many life's to live our life again and again. We need to learn, not only from our mistakes, but also from the mistakes of the others. ( The classmates who are watching the event would have been watching all these things from the side, they would have made a guess by now, on what different did he do in his final attempt and what mistakes did he do in his inital attempts. They would be in a better position to avaoid those mistakes when their turn comes up)

19. heard of the Golden Rule ? "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself" ( this boy is going go back to his classmates and he is going to encourage them the same/better way on how he was encouraged in his attempts)

20. Life is how you see it. If you feel that this video has nothing in it. Then you are right. If you feel that this video has lot of things to learn in it, then also you are right. As Henry Ford rights states " Whether you think you can, or think you can't, in either way you are right "

Text Credit: Mohan Raj Kumah