wedding pieces with removable skirt

it's just a few things.... 1. ladies if you say you can do it by yourself, you don't need child support. it's built to hurt the black man, then do it by yourself and stop applying for every government assistance program there is, asking your folks or boyfriends to help you. Just get the child support.
2. stop telling your kids they are queens and kings. teach them their alphabet numbers, school curriculum. teach them self love. see past color etc. be a decent human being and not live for attention as most do on social networks.
3. stop saying don't be proud to be a strong independent woman. you are supposed to have a family. As all adults should know life doesn't go as planned. I would rather be strong independent makimg moves, building self and planning future.l, than going thru life focused on how to get married or upset because I'm not. yes Family is important, but everyone doesn't stay and everyone doesn't always need to stay. wedding pieces with removable skirt

if you don't like it or feel hit, please unfriend me. arguing isn't necessary