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Super great website for information on Chiari Malformation. This is the condition my twins have, and both had brain surgery for. So very thankful for our Neurosurgeon. <3 Because the brainstem is responsible for most body functions, Chiari causes all kinds of strange symptoms. People may experience symptoms that range from headache to irritable bowel. The five most common symptoms are: wedding wear options for older and mature brides

1. Pressure-like headaches at the back of the skull that worsen with physical strain or ... coughing; often with neck pain
2. Hoarseness or swallowing problems
3. Sleep apnea
4. Weakness or numbness in an extremity
5. Balance problemsPressure-like headaches at back of skull

Headaches worsen with coughing, sneezing

Neck and shoulder pain

Ringing or buzzing in the ear (tinnitus)

Dizziness, vertigo

Trouble walking (gait), imbalance

Difficulty swallowing, gagging

Facial pain, numbness, or tingling

Hoarseness, change in voice

Snoring / sleep apnea

Fatigue / insomnia

Problems with memory / concentration

Nervousness / anxiety / depression

Trouble speaking, word finding

Blurred or double vision

Jerking eye movements (nystagmus)

Difficulty tracking or following objects

Irregular heart beat

Black out spells / syncope

Headaches (due to Chiari malformation)

Loss of sensitivity, especially to hot and cold

Muscle weakness and spasticity

Numbness in hands and feet

Pain in neck, arms and back

Loss of bowel and bladder control


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