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I don't care what people say about homeless people, you have no idea about how they came to be in this position, no idea what traumas they have been through, don't judge them, put urself in their shoes, imagine the loneliness and hard times they deal with daily, its tragic they are left in freezing streets to live out a miserable tough life style, help them, don't judge them! Some are terrified to go back to terrible life styles, not all turn to drink and drugs, some use crutches to just get through each hour . When ur lying in ur comfy bed be grateful for all u have, you have a Cosy bed and pjs, they have nothing, and no body to turn to! no one deserves. to die this way! Ever! Xxx wedding wears with affordable price

Homeless man found 'frozen to death' in city centre on coldest night of the year Police were called to a car park entrance on Wednesday night after a local drinking in the nearby boozer discovered the