what items to wear for tall maids of honor

Demonstrating how to use a male and female condom.

# Use a clean piece of cloth to remove a used condom after sex before dressing another condom.
# Vaginal and semen fluids contain HIV so be mindful how you play with your partner's fluids.
# never use a female and male condom at once as you have sex. This exposes them to friction and so will tear ...
# when a condom gets stuck in the vagina just use your to fingers or ask your partner to help you remove. It never goes beyond the opening of the cervix what items to wear for tall maids of honor
# sexual pleasure when using a condom will depend on your perception towards either a female or a male condom
# female condoms can be worn hours before you meet with your sexual partner not like Male condom that is dressed on an erection penis

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