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Fingerprints on my heart
*Episode 6*

Is he going to touch me?His hand rests on my waist, hot on my skin. He looks up. Looks into my eyes as his hand slides upwards, a gentle caress that pauses below one boob. "May I?" he asks, again.My heart leaps. Butterflies no longer migrate inside me. Instead, there's a black hole of anticipation and fear that unfolds, flowers, expands, fills me. "Yes," I whisper, again.His hand, very gently, cups one boob. It's his right hand. My left boob. I watch as his thumb brushes across my rubbery hard nipple, pleasure rippling through me. Fingers on my skin, his palm, hot, pressing against me. His touch is magic, exquisite, like nothing I've ever felt before. We're bothlooking at his hand on me, although maybe he's looking at my boob. It's very small compared to Natasha's. Small under his hand. Very small and very firm. I'm not big and bouncy like a lot of girls are.Eyes half-closed, I continue to look down as his hand moves on me, his fingers tracethe curves of my breast, brush my nipple. His thumb plays with me, brushing backwards and forwards, my nipple responds with rubbery-firm resilience to every touch. Ripples of pleasure wash through me as he caresses me, pleasure that holds me enthralled, spellbound, wanting more.He gives me what I want. His other hand slides up my back, under my top, he eases me back so that his hand is supporting meas he lowers his head. I know exactly what he's going to do before he even does it and I can't wait. One of my hands strokes his hair as his breath puffs across my skin.His lips touch me, his tongue slips out, he licks at my nipple, his mouth opens wide, engulfs my boob, his tongue swirling on me.My hand stops stroking his hair, clutches at his head instead as I offer my breast up to his mouth, back arching, trembling as he licks and sucks at me. The sensation is indescribable, his lips on me, his tongue lapping across my skin, his lips drawing onmy nipple, sucking at me, ripples of pleasure through my nervous system, meeting and mixing with that source of pleasure at the juncture of my thighs in a slowly rising tide of anticipation and enjoyment."Ohhhh." I can't stop my sigh. There's no reason to try, there's no-one in earshot, no-one here besides us and his office dooris locked. No-one can possibly hear us or interrupt us. If they could, I wouldn't be sitting across Nick's lap with my top completely undone and my boob in his mouth.His mouth lifts. Before I can protest, he's switched to my other breast with his mouth and his hand is back on me where my breast is wet with his saliva and he's cupping me and teasing my swollen nipplewith his fingers. His mouth is busily suckling at my other breast and I'm clutching at his head with both hands and starting at nothing, my eyes unfocused, my mouth wide open.Oh. My. God! This is so good. This is just amazing. Better than amazing. I'm in heaven. I have this huge crush on Nick andhe likes me. He likes me enough to be doing what he's doing to me and it feels sogood and I know he's married but I don't care. I don't care one bit. All I want is that he keeps doing this to me and I wish we were somewhere where we could lie down and stretch out together but right now this is good enough and with my back arched I'm pressing against him where I'm so sensitive and wet and I can't help moving and when I do it feels so exciting and I want to do it again.So I do and it's heaven.His mouth leaves my breast. I'm disappointed, but only for a moment because now he's urging me closer, holding me, his mouth on mine again and now we're kissing as his hands roam over my back under my top. My back, my shoulders, down to my waist, he's touching my skin, hands running everywhere over me and my breasts are pressed up against his chest, his shirt. I wish he wasn't wearing that shirt, I want to feel his chest naked against my breasts but there's no time to think.No time for anything except what he's doing to me. He's breathing hard as he kisses me and he's not the only one. I'm panting. Gasping. When his hands run over my thighs and up to my hips I squirm against him and when I do that, I moan into his mouth."Ohhhhhh." My moan is even louder when it's his hands that grip me and move me against him. I'm so wet and those French short panties are so loose that I know I'm going to leave a wet patch on his trousers and I burn with embarrassment as he moves me. I don't stop him though. I don't stop kissing him either. If anything, my response to his kissing me is even more passionate.Where his hands move me against him, it's unbearable. I can't stand it and I want it, I want more and where my clitoris rubs against him almost chokes me with the sensations I'm experiencing. My fingers have never made me feel like this. Never. My mouth lifts from his, I clutch at him as he moves me, I'm leaning forward, against him, my top wide open and loose, breasts pressed against his shirt, my eyes wide as I look blankly at his office wall and cling to him.All the time his hands are controlling me, they grip me, they move me, they friction me against him and I want to squeal out loud because it's so exciting. Glorious friction as I rub wetly against him. I'm shivering and covered in goose pimples and I'm limp and I want what he's doing to me. His mouth is on my neck, kissing me, his tongue licking me, sucking at me so that I shiver and moan and cling to him more tightly, acutely aware that my nakedly exposed breasts are pressing against him. That only the thin cotton of his shirt separates his skin from my naked exposure. Somehow one of his hands is under my butt, lifting me, moving me and his other hand is between us.Between us? My heart explodes in my chest as his hand slides inside the loose front of my lacey French short panties and cups my sex as his other hand holds my butt. No-one has ever touched me there before, but then, that's why I wore these panties wasn't it? So that he could touch me like this if he wanted to and he is. Oh my god, he is and his hand, it's on me, he'sreally touching me, his fingers are cupping me there, right where I've fantasized about him touching me and I can't believe that heactually is."Oohhhhh." He is. He's touching me!Wet? I'm so wet where he's cupping me and his finger, one of his fingers, it slips inwards so easily as I part for him. His fingertip presses against my entrance, very gently, I'm hovering on a plateau of pleasure and anticipation and excitement and suspense and fear and longing that I've never felt before and it's so overwhelming. All I can do is cling to him and stare sightlessly at his office wall as I hang there, suspended in time, waiting for him to take this further, to do what he wants with me.He does.His fingertip pushes inwards. I rise in an instinctive reaction to that pressure. I can only rise a little though and then my thigh muscles relax and, shuddering, I sink downwards, bury my face against his shoulder as his fingertip eases through my entrance. Inside me? Oh my god! His fingertip is inside me and I feel him where he enters me and I'm so wet there, I'm wet on his hand, wet everywhere his hand cups me and my eyes widen as his finger pushes. My hands clutch at him. My eyes open wide. My mouth opens wide, a breathy exhalation as his finger moves in me."Ohhhhhh." My breathe escapes in a long sigh as half his finger probes upwards andhe's touching me where only my own finger has explored and his finger in me is so much more exciting than my own. Bigger than my own finger too and I like that. My sex is so swollen and sensitive against his hand, the heel of his hand rubs against my clitoris, his finger pushes inwards even further, all the way, his fingeris all the way inside me and his hand presses against me and I'm clasping him inside and when he moves, I feel him within me, gently caressing the inner walls of my channel."Kylie," he breathes in my ear and his hand moves, his finger moves, probing, stroking,moving and his hand under my butt is holding me firmly in place as his finger explores inside me and I'm having trouble breathing."Nick," I moan. "Ooohhh .... ooohhhh Nick.... Nick .... Ohhhhhh." I can't stop white colored ball items to wear of the wedding