with jacket items to wear of the occasions

To all my friends in Calgary - PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS - As I will be away a great deal during winter for health reasons, I have had to make the very tough decision to find a home for my cat. Cheyenne was born Jan/07, and was found with her mother and siblings at a very young age living under a front porch. The owners had moved and left their pregnant cat behind. Her mom was a calico, and her dad was Siamese. She has the distinction of having polydactal fro ... nt paws (6 toes). She is not a loud Siamese, and only speaks if it's waaaaay past her feeding time and when she brings a toy mouse from upstairs to ensure I tell her what a good mouser she is. She loves being outside, and is licensed. Have not seen her scratch anything except her cat tree (I have leather furniture). Easy companion, she will jump on your lap to be petted in the evenings, and snuggle with you in bed, otherwise very independent. She is used to living with an older large dog, they generally avoid each other but occasionally touch noses. Looking for a quiet home for her (no kids) as she is a very shy, timid cat. Will supply some dry cat food as she is used to a particular brand (not high cost), cat tree, dishes, covered litter box, cat toys and cat brush (LOVES being brushed). In the summer, she barely uses her litter box, and in the winter she always uses it and has never had an accident outside of it. In perfect health...if you know of anyone who could benefit from having a new, beautiful companion in their home, please forward...I have until the end of Oct. to find her a new home. Thank you so much with jacket items to wear of the occasions
for your help!!!

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